discotheque Zarathustra: New Episode featuring The Damned

This episode of discotheque Zarathustra continues with Chapter 4 of the Second Part of Thus Spoke Zarathustra, ‘On the Priests’.

To explore this chapter, we turn to the punk classic “Anti-Pope” by The Damned from their awesome Machine Gun Etiquette, 1979.

In the final analysis, for The Dammed, ‘Religion doesn’t mean a thing / It’s just another way of being right wing’.

Priests are the original cops. The original judges. The original elite. This is the crux, these priests are fascists who run a blood cult: ‘they know no other way to love their God than by nailing the human being to the Cross’. This is not simply a reference to the wound, but rather to the scar. The priests crucify their flock every day with their preaching: ‘in their speeches,’ says Zarathustra, ‘I still smell the foul aroma of death-chambers’.

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