Slaughterhouse-Five (1972) – episode 14 of the philoscifiz podcast out now

Out now – episode 14 of philoscifiz, an on-screen sci-fi & philosophy podcast I present along with Dr Matthew J. Barnard (Lecturer in Philosophy, Manchester Metropolitan University).

Where’s Billy Pilgrim? In his American lakeside home? A WW2 Prisoner of War camp in Dresden? Or on the planet Tralfamadore?

We go time tripping in this classic countercultural scifi movie from the novel by Kurt Vonnegut. In so doing, we encounter a narration that disrupts temporality and can be explored through Henri Bergson’s theory of memory.

Is this an anti-war film concerning PTSD and mental health? Or a weird alien abduction movie?

Released 9 October 2021 | 45 mins

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