What’s Gonna Happen podcast: film-philosophy and the future of cinema with dr. david deamer

A big thank you to Evangelia Artemis-Gomez and Emily Herman for inviting me on to their NYC-based podcast, What’s Gonna Happen, to talk about cinema, film-philosophy, and the future of the movies.

I first became aware of Evangelia and Emily, and their podcast, when I stumbled across their episode ‘midsommar x fight club: two sides of the same coin’. It was a stunning analysis of the folk horror film Midsommar (Ari Aster, 2019) and the psychological thriller Fight Club (David Fincher, 1999). Not only did I love their wild vision in bringing together these two seemingly disparate movies, but their analysis was brilliant, insightful, and very, very funny. I would highly recommend a listen. Here’s a taster: ‘evangelia and emily get super podcast bro and analyze gender, capitalism and white supremacy in some pretentious classics’.

I went on to binge season one, from which that episode came. I discovered episodes on god, anger, neo-fascism, and capitalism, amongst a whole load of other subjects. Evangelia and Emily explored each topic with trenchant verve and smart humour, anchoring their analysis in the contemporary experience of two young lesbians living in New York City.

So, it was a real honour to be invited to be a guest on their second season, which kicked-off earlier this year. Evangelia and Emily couldn’t have been kinder hosts, even as they grilled me. We talked about subjects such as the purpose of film-philosophy, the question of the future of cinema, Marvel films, and the insane pop-classic Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, amongst a whole load of other stuff. I had a wonderful time.

Here’s their intro: ‘evangelia and emily speak with film-philosophy writer, dr. david deamer! they discuss the pros and cons of film-philosophy, the symbiotic relationship between film and culture, the impact of streaming services on the film industry and the future of storytelling’.

Listen here on apple podcasts: What’s Gonna Happen podcast: film-philosophy and the future of cinema with dr. david deamer.

Also available on all good podcast streaming platforms! And remember to follow What’s Gonna Happen on the podcast app of your choice, as well as checking back through the episodes Evangelia and Emily have already released…

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