Talking about Nietzsche and the cinematics of Cloud Atlas at ‘The Future as a Present Concern’ online event, Sept 2021

All the panel speakers have been announced for ‘The Future as a Present Concern’ Online International Conference 2021: NUIG – IPS – BSP. There is some 70 people talking at the event, as well as six exceptional keynote speakers.

The event is a collaboration between the National University of Ireland Galway, The Irish Philosophical Society, and the British Society for Phenomenology. Due to the pandemic, this conference is online, so all panel speakers are producing video presentations for release during the conference between 1-3 September 2021. Keynote speakers will be live on Zoom tho’.

My paper is titled ‘Polysemous futurity in the cinematics of Cloud Atlas and Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil’.

Both the film (Wachowskis & Tom Tykwer: 2021) and Nietzsche’s book – I will be arguing – see the future as a perspectival simultaneity of stasis and flux; anticipation, destiny, and novelty; circularity, progress, revolution, and decay. That’s where I am starting from. Things change, of course, during the writing process…

Check out more on the ‘The Future as a Present Concern’ conference and you can read my full abstract for the paper I will be presenting in September in the papers section of this website.

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